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  • #Awesome

    Now, the darkness of the night surrounds you and perhaps the bright lights are your dreams of tomorrow but who knows what our tomorrows may bring, though soon rays of light will shine upon us, the first dawn of 2017. Let’s all do an #awesome year, together! R.

  • Wishing you a merry Christmas

      ……………and he didn’t hang around tonight, he left after the photoshoot. You just can’t get the staff these days and he was a dummy …..  …haha! Have a happy one as well, it is Christmas after all when all is said and done. R.

  • I did!

  • Absolutely Fabulous: the first

    We are abfab as an independent multicultural nation. We may be crap as a national football team but clearly that is a FA problem not appointing the right manager. But Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray and our other successes on our green pastures this weekend, prove we have the abilities to win and their success gives us belief to believe in ourselves. Our referendum decision was the correct one. The […]

  • And finally, leave or remain

    Neither NIC nor I are policitially correct, I just write from my soul, it is what I truly believe is best for us, the United Kingdom. NIC is only funded by me and no one else. The party has no masters to please. So in a few days time we must vote and choose. It is called democracy, our democracy which historically has been copied by many countries as has […]