• Absolutely Fabulous: the first


    absolutely fabulous

    We are abfab as an independent multicultural nation. We may be crap as a national football team but clearly that is a FA problem not appointing the right manager. But Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray and our other successes on our green pastures this weekend, prove we have the abilities to win and their success gives us belief to believe in ourselves.

    Our referendum decision was the correct one. The EU commission is corrupt. MEPs earn in the region of £400,000 a year, our MP’s expenses scandals are normal practise in the EU parliament for MEPs.

    Before the EU Commission, there was Common Market which allowed European countries to freely trade with each other. But as the years have passed, the EU Commission as it has become, has increased its stranglehold over Europe and every aspect of our daily lives.

    Unfortunately successive governments and our politicians have not been truthful to us; what they have not told us is how the Commission and the European Parliament works. The Commission creates EU directives which are dreamt up by their commissioners and bureaucrats. These directives are submitted and automatically passed by the European Parliament, which in turn, are passed by the member states’ governments; these rules then become law throughout Europe. The EU commission does not publish any accounts and has not done so for years; it is wholly unaccountable to its members, us. We, the people of Europe do not directly elect the EU commissioners. As taxpayers, billions of our money is paid to the Commission in membership fees, which pays the commissioners, their staff and MEPs their very generous salaries, allowances and pensions for rules we did not ask for or want. The EU Commission and its parliament is a monstrous bureaucracy totally out of control and out of touch. It is a huge parasite sucking the blood out of us, the people of Europe. It is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship.

    But, we, on the other hand, are absolutely fabulous, and that movie is doing rather well even before it’s staggered global release which is probably due to Eddy and Patsy’s hectic social life, sweetie!


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