• And finally, leave or remain


    Neither NIC nor I are policitially correct, I just write from my soul, it is what I truly believe is best for us, the United Kingdom. NIC is only funded by me and no one else. The party has no masters to please.

    So in a few days time we must vote and choose. It is called democracy, our democracy which historically has been copied by many countries as has our legal system. This is not surprising as Great Britain used to be an empire; at its height the United Kingdom ruled a fifth of the world.

    Our Head of State, our Queen, and Head of our Armed Forces and the Commonwealth who’s birthday we celebrated just recently was the Head of the British Empire. It is no more; history shows us that all empires crumble. And the world has survived without drama.
    The European Union is another empire, ruled not by our parliament but by the EU Commission who we do not elect directly. How the EU is ruled is described in EU Commission, which you may read. The bottom line is the EU Commission is a dictatorship.
    So what do we want?
    Well from all accounts we want to be able to control our own borders, to only provide benefits for us and those who have taken UK citizenship. It should be remembered that our benefits (unemployment, housing and NHS) that we provide to foreign nationals, we would not receive in their countries.
    We elect our politicians in our General Elections to govern us, not the EU Commission.
    As a country, we will be able to choose our partners and whether we wish to have relaxed borders with them, Ireland and Northern Ireland being a case in point.
    And who we wish to trade with, currently our loss with the EU exceeds £100 billion a year, not a great trading model for either a business or country.
    As an aside, we must not forget the German/French alliance within the European Union, which roughly translated means Germany gets manufacturing and France gets agriculture (a huge EU subsidy under CAP, the Common Agricultural Policy) and to hell with the rest of you, just ask the people of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Recently both German and French ministers have threatened us but history shows you don’t threaten the people of Great Britain.
    So the answer is leave.


    …he just realised he was on the wrong side. Right guys lets LEAVE.

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