• Bottoms Up


    Now, the EU commission wants to ban drink sponsorship in Formula 1 because it sends ‘mixed messages’. F1 teams rely upon sponsorship to finance their campaigns which cost lots of money; tobacco sponsorship was banned from the sport a few years ago. This is political correctness gone mad.
    For those of us who do drink and smoke, our governments charge us excessively through high taxes for our tobacco and alcohol.
    Let’s just go back in time when it was decided that tobacco retailers could not display cigarettes because of yet another EU directive. Let’s ask the government or even better, the tobacco manufacturers if sales have dropped as a result. The answer is probably not.
    There are two principles here, one is the ‘system’ based upon supply and demand and commonly known as capitalism and the other is our ‘alleged’ democracy, our right to chose.
    We all know some things we do are not good for us but we like them and as individuals, it is our right to chose.
    As NIC has always maintained the EU commission is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship and must be reformed.

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