• PCC Ron Hogg

    There are press reports that some police forces are taking a ‘soft’ approach to marijuana farms and those that smoke it discreetly; there has been much comment on this news.
    The ‘war on drugs’ does not work, we know that is a fact. Some reports suggest that 70% of all crime is drug rated. We also know that drugs and alcohol are not good for us, some like a joint, others a beer and no doubt some like both. We are not going to stop what we enjoy and that’s another fact.
    Surely it is time for change.
    Let’s change the law, legalise it and tax it.

  • Just Drugs

    The ‘war on drugs’ policy does not work but our politicians refuse to accept it. This stance means that the drug trade remains a tax-free and uncontrolled industry and yet since May 2014, it is now included in our official growth figures estimated at £4.4 billion. The actual amount is far higher! It is another case of our politicians’ double standards.
    It is a fact of life that if there is a demand for a product then there will always be a supply. In the 1930s, the American government introduced Prohibition which banned the consumption of alcohol. But Americans wanted to drink and so they did illegally. It is how the American Mafia evolved and made them vast amounts of money by supplying Americans with bootleg alcohol.
    The same applies to drugs; NIC would legalise and tax it. The ‘war on drugs’ in the UK would be over and recreational drugs would be standardised and regulated.
    It is now estimated that 70% of all crime in the UK is drug related.

  • Mansion Tax Madness

    The idea of a mansion tax is totally ridiculous, another bad idea dreamt up by the politicians and in this case Labour; what planet do they live on, clearly divorced from reality… and our lives.
    Council tax is currently charged according a band; there are eight bands A to H, A being the lowest. The value of your property, based on its 1991 value, determines which band applies to your home.
    NIC would update the property values to reflect today’s prices and then add several higher bands. As a result, local authorities’ council tax receipts would increase and as a stimulus for growth and employment should be used to further support their services and the small businesses on their high streets.

  • Sex and drugs

    The government has recently announced that prostitution and drugs will now be included in our GDP figure.
    This is hypocrisy; on the one hand, the government rules that both are illegal and then on the other hand, includes an estimated amount that boosts our GDP which will be reflected in a higher rate of annual growth.
    This continues to reflect the poor and inconsistent management of our country by this and previous governments.
    NIC will legalise and tax prostitution and drugs and will include them in all national statistics.