• Quangoed

    What the hell does that mean? Well put simply, we have been duped by our governments. A quango is an unelected bureaucratic organisation, created and funded by government, to carry out a ‘function’ on behalf of government departments and their ministers. Quango members are elected by our politicians, no doubt, as a reward for supporting them rather than their abilities to do the job they have been given.
    In 2009, there are over eleven hundred of them, costing us over £100 billion a year, equivalent to the NHS budget or thereabouts. On the whole, quangos are seen as wasteful and undemocratic; it also allows politicians to pass the buck and avoid any blame and when there is a problem they just create another one, staffed, no doubt, by their friends.
    Quangoed but not for much longer.

  • Too many rules destroy inspiration

    Bureaucracy costs our entrepreneurs, industries and organisations too much time and money and any savings would be far better spent on new products, design and research and investing in the future whether its manpower or machinery. A systemic review of the rules and regulations that govern us would be undertaken by NIC.