Absolutely Fabulous: the first

absolutely fabulous

We are abfab as an independent multicultural nation. We may be crap as a national football team but clearly that is a FA problem not appointing the right manager. But Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray and our other successes on our green pastures this weekend, prove we have the abilities to win and their success gives us belief to believe in ourselves.

Our referendum decision was the correct one. The EU commission is corrupt. MEPs earn in the region of £400,000 a year, our MP’s expenses scandals are normal practise in the EU parliament for MEPs.

Before the EU Commission, there was Common Market which allowed European countries to freely trade with each other. But as the years have passed, the EU Commission as it has become, has increased its stranglehold over Europe and every aspect of our daily lives.

Unfortunately successive governments and our politicians have not been truthful to us; what they have not told us is how the Commission and the European Parliament works. The Commission creates EU directives which are dreamt up by their commissioners and bureaucrats. These directives are submitted and automatically passed by the European Parliament, which in turn, are passed by the member states’ governments; these rules then become law throughout Europe. The EU commission does not publish any accounts and has not done so for years; it is wholly unaccountable to its members, us. We, the people of Europe do not directly elect the EU commissioners. As taxpayers, billions of our money is paid to the Commission in membership fees, which pays the commissioners, their staff and MEPs their very generous salaries, allowances and pensions for rules we did not ask for or want. The EU Commission and its parliament is a monstrous bureaucracy totally out of control and out of touch. It is a huge parasite sucking the blood out of us, the people of Europe. It is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship.

But, we, on the other hand, are absolutely fabulous, and that movie is doing rather well even before it’s staggered global release which is probably due to Eddy and Patsy’s hectic social life, sweetie!


And finally, leave or remain

Neither NIC nor I are policitially correct, I just write from my soul, it is what I truly believe is best for us, the United Kingdom. NIC is only funded by me and no one else. The party has no masters to please.

So in a few days time we must vote and choose. It is called democracy, our democracy which historically has been copied by many countries as has our legal system. This is not surprising as Great Britain used to be an empire; at its height the United Kingdom ruled a fifth of the world.

Our Head of State, our Queen, and Head of our Armed Forces and the Commonwealth who’s birthday we celebrated just recently was the Head of the British Empire. It is no more; history shows us that all empires crumble. And the world has survived without drama.
The European Union is another empire, ruled not by our parliament but by the EU Commission who we do not elect directly. How the EU is ruled is described in EU Commission, which you may read. The bottom line is the EU Commission is a dictatorship.
So what do we want?
Well from all accounts we want to be able to control our own borders, to only provide benefits for us and those who have taken UK citizenship. It should be remembered that our benefits (unemployment, housing and NHS) that we provide to foreign nationals, we would not receive in their countries.
We elect our politicians in our General Elections to govern us, not the EU Commission.
As a country, we will be able to choose our partners and whether we wish to have relaxed borders with them, Ireland and Northern Ireland being a case in point.
And who we wish to trade with, currently our loss with the EU exceeds £100 billion a year, not a great trading model for either a business or country.
As an aside, we must not forget the German/French alliance within the European Union, which roughly translated means Germany gets manufacturing and France gets agriculture (a huge EU subsidy under CAP, the Common Agricultural Policy) and to hell with the rest of you, just ask the people of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Recently both German and French ministers have threatened us but history shows you don’t threaten the people of Great Britain.
So the answer is leave.


…he just realised he was on the wrong side. Right guys lets LEAVE.

Leave or Remain

Coming soon.

Three good guys lost somewhere in Europe....oh no, the other one is behind the camera....

Three good guys lost somewhere in Europe….oh no, the other one is behind the camera….

Bottoms Up

Now, the EU commission wants to ban drink sponsorship in Formula 1 because it sends ‘mixed messages’. F1 teams rely upon sponsorship to finance their campaigns which cost lots of money; tobacco sponsorship was banned from the sport a few years ago. This is political correctness gone mad.
For those of us who do drink and smoke, our governments charge us excessively through high taxes for our tobacco and alcohol.
Let’s just go back in time when it was decided that tobacco retailers could not display cigarettes because of yet another EU directive. Let’s ask the government or even better, the tobacco manufacturers if sales have dropped as a result. The answer is probably not.
There are two principles here, one is the ‘system’ based upon supply and demand and commonly known as capitalism and the other is our ‘alleged’ democracy, our right to chose.
We all know some things we do are not good for us but we like them and as individuals, it is our right to chose.
As NIC has always maintained the EU commission is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship and must be reformed.

Give us £1,700,000,000 cash

This is not a joke although it should be. The EU Commission, through their puppet, the European parliament, is now demanding that we pay this extra amount of money. This is, of course, in addition to our annual gross membership fee of roughly £13 billion. The reason for this unacceptable demand is because the UK is not doing as badly economically as our European cousins, who will also receive rebates; the UK economy is still in poor health with growth for the last quarter standing at around 0.8%, hardly something to write home about. The main reason the Euro zone is struggling is that those countries are unable to use the only tool that would help their economies, their own currency, but they joined the Euro. In 1931, the UK abandoned the global gold standard, in order resolve high levels of unemployment at that time and support growth; many other countries left the gold standard shortly afterwards.
Unfortunately politicians and governments clearly do not learn from history, the principle of the gold standard, essentially one ‘currency’ for many countries did not work in 1930s so why do they think the euro now will.
In many ways, this demand is just punishment for our feeble economic growth and yet another reason, why we must demand major EU reforms.