• Could do better

    UK manufacturing accounts for 10% of our gross domestic product (GDP) while our services represent 79%, according to the Economist’s ‘Pocket World in Figures 2015’.
    Our manufacturing entrepreneurs and businesses need our support. This figure is too low and we are relying upon our service industries too much for jobs and growth.
    This issue may be resolved but it requires us to change our buying habits and those of our government.
    The most expensive item we buy is our home and the second one is our car. If you buy a British built one you are helping Great Britain, you are creating jobs, growth and increasing tax revenues which will greatly help reduce our budget deficit.
    Labour are against our businesses and the Conservatives are less supportive than NIC, New Independent Centralists, we need all the jobs that the manufacturing companies, both big or small, may create and if we all support them, we will create more jobs and as a result, we would be doing much better.

  • On The Buses

    Why mention buses or more importantly the new red Routemaster now running on the streets of our capital for London Transport…growth and jobs.
    The Routemaster is an innovative design using the latest green technology built by Wrightbus, a UK company employing British employees but the idea for the new bus did not come from our government. It is a fact that by supporting and buying British made products our economy will grow and new jobs will be created; the effect it will have, will be great for us which is why it is one of NIC’s goals.
    Although compared to other European countries in the euro zone, the UK is not doing so badly but do not be fooled by government, our recovery remains fragile.
    Think jobs, buy British.

  • Let’s Make It

    Growth must be our priority for four reasons, it will, a) reduce unemployment, b) increase tax revenues, c) our budget deficit will fall and 4) our current balance of payments deficit will improve. Our manufacturing industry now represents a far smaller percentage of our GDP than it did thirty or forty years ago as our governments, both past and present, have failed to support it. We, as a nation, must support British industry; we cannot just rely upon our services and finance industries to bail us out.
    One easy question, have you ever wondered why our policemen ride BMWs when Triumph makes very good bikes, pray tell. What is important to us is that they are made here; it is not important who owns the company as long as they are manufactured here by British workers.
    However, there is one bit of good news, it is called the British Business Bank; what it does is lend money through its partners to small and medium sized UK businesses who cannot borrow cash from the banks. Time to change our ways, let our policemen ride and drive British bikes and cars and all other public bodies and businesses may follow.