• Calais Part 2

    According to press reports, we are going to pay for this French problem; our government has apparently agreed to do so (Evening Standard).
    Why we must ask ourselves; I, for one do not agree. The people at Calais have travelled from many places throughout Europe and have entered those countries illegally and yet we have to pay the price. Why should the British taxpayer foot the bill and why not those European governments who have helped create the problem by not policing their borders properly?

  • I’m Back – Calais Part 1

    I’m Back

    What did you expect?
    When I went to school, Calais was a northern French port according to my geography teacher. It still is.
    But the French politicians seem to have forgotten this fact, why, because they have allowed a number of illegal immigrants to enter France and make their way to Calais.
    They should have deported them when they arrived.
    They did not and now the French government are telling us, the United Kingdom, it’s our problem!
    Forget it. It is a French problem, not ours. Use your army.
    Hollande sort it out and don’t bother us.

  • Scottish Independence

    Scotland, let’s stay together. Our kingdom is geographically a very small country and we have been together since the beginning of time, let’s stay United.