Growth and employment

The deficit budget is one major problem but the other is growth or lack of it; growth drives employment.

As a country with massive debts, we must all support British industry to create growth and employment. To this end, New Independent Centralists, NIC will instruct all government bodies, local authorities, and all public bodies such as the NHS, police, fire service and armed forces to source within the UK, to purchase goods built and manufactured in Great Britain.

Unemployment or lack of jobs affects us all, our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, cousins and our friends.

NIC will go for growth and jobs.

LHA Bonds

Currently there is a severe lack of affordable housing and this issue needs to be addressed. Local housing associations (LHAs) cater for local needs. In order to tackle the problem, NIC would introduce LHA long term low interest bearing bonds. The bonds would be sold on the financial markets and underwritten by government in much the same way as Treasury bonds. The capital raised would be used to build or convert properties, such as unused offices and derelict buildings. Brownfield sites would be targeted. The construction costs would be exempt from VAT and to ensure the bonds are successful, any capital gains and interest payments would be tax free. The scheme would include a mixture of low cost rentals, shared ownership schemes and private sales. LHA bonds would boost growth and employment; the housing shortage would be reduced.


The euro zone is probably one of our biggest trading partners but we trade at a huge loss, we import far more than we export. We must try to reduce this deficit and forge and encourage more trade links with the Commonwealth and the rest of the world.


UK companies would be encouraged to offer apprenticeships to school leavers and the unemployed. Apprenticeships allow the youth to gain knowledge, skills and experience in the workplace and on completion would receive a recognised qualification as we strive to reduce unemployment. In order to encourage companies to offer such places, NIC would introduce corporation tax incentives.