New Independent Centralists (NIC) will,

• Support all of us regardless of colour, creed, religion, sexuality, title or wealth,
• Support our industries and services,
• Support our NHS, police force and armed forces.

Foreign nationals will not be entitled to any state benefits including housing or NHS treatments (A & E only).
Stricter rules will be implemented for legal aid and asylum seekers.
Recreational drugs and prostitution will be legalised and taxed.
Bureaucracy will be slashed and quangos abolished where deemed unnecessary.
To boost domestic demand a ‘think jobs buy British’ campaign will be launched.
Government, local authorities and public bodies will be instructed to source within the UK.
Council tax bands will be updated to reflect prices today and higher bands added.
LHA bonds will be introduced to finance and resolve the social housing shortage.
Apprenticeships upon completion will receive a recognised qualification.
NI contributions will be phased out as and when the deficit falls.
The rule book and the civil procedural rules will be reviewed and amended where necessary.
Private Finance Scheme (PFIs) will be reviewed.
Major reforms of the European Commission will be demanded.
Tuition fees will be reduced as the budget deficit falls.
The Army Cadet College will be established for whose found guilty of carrying knifes or guns on the streets of the United Kingdom.