Other Policies

Royal Mail

New Independent Centralists, NIC stated in May 2012 that ‘the Royal Mail service is a national asset. It employs 140,000 people and generates profits in the region of £400 million; there is no valid reason for it to be privatised’. This government thought otherwise and sold out last year.

NIC would have classified the Royal Mail as a national asset as a condition of the sale and foreign ownership would have been limited to less than 50% in order to ensure that it continued to serve the people of Great Britain.

University Fees

Tuition fees will be reduced as the budget deficit falls.

Green Energy

NIC will continue to pursue cost effective alternative energy supplies and conserve our environment.


Under the present system, there is the 3-2-1 rule which means that for each ward in a borough there is one police sergeant, two police officers and three community support officers (sometimes known as plastic policemen/women) or CSOs. CSOs would be incorporated into the police force and trained up accordingly.

The Army Cadet College will be established by NIC. Too many of our children are dying on our streets killed by knives and guns carried by others. Anyone found to be carrying a knife or gun on our streets will be prosecuted under a fast track system and if found guilty would complete their sentence at this college. It would be run by the Army and provide further education to those sentenced by the Courts.

Armed forces

NIC will support our Armed Forces and provide them with the equipment they require. But budgets and defence contracts will be adhered to but waste and bureaucracy will not be tolerated.

Foreign Policy

The war in Iraq was illegal as there was no nuclear threat to us. The Labour party lied to us. Our troops were poorly equipped and three hundred of our soldiers were murdered by the Labour government and many more injured. We should never have gone to war with Iraq and NIC will withdraw all remaining troops.

NIC believes that no country has the right to dictate to another and we will always strive for world peace through negotiation and reason unless we, as a country are threatened.