NIC is our future

NIC’s policies are your policies based on what you have said and want, NIC listens and always will.

NIC’s goals are to resolve the real issues facing us, remove unnecessary rules and regulations, restore commonsense to Parliament and to fight with determination and courage to force real change.

For far too long now, Great Britain has been mismanaged and poorly governed by a succession of one of the ‘triparty club’ or two, the Tories, Labour and LibDems. Their club is their glass tower divorced from the people they represent; many of their members are career politicians with no experience of our working lives or the businesses that some of us run and like their club out of touch with reality and us. Let us not forget, it was Labour who burdened us with our mountain of debt for which we are now dearly paying. Like political correctness, it has gone too far, the lines have become blurred, a Sea of Bureaucracy covered by the thick fog of political correctness, blurred lines indeed.

NIC believes that all of us are equal regardless of colour, creed, religion, sexuality, title or wealth and that it is our abilities and what we do and say that defines each of us. It is a fact that if we do or say nothing, nothing will happen.

NIC’s policies are clear and simple and represent the start of a new beginning.

Now let’s think NIC, the party leading to inspire, encourage and support us.


With kind regards,

Roland Courtenay.


NIC Leader.

New Independent Centralists.